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Patient Reviews

“My headache's gone! How'd you do that? I've had a pounding headache for 3 days and it's gone! Thank you!”

"You were excellent. I feel so much better already! My sinuses are clearing already. You'll definitely see me again."

“Sarah has a wonderful presence, very caring and gentle - that in itself felt healing to me."

“I was drawn to acupuncture due to my very sluggish digestive system.  It was not uncommon for me to have only one bowel movement per week for over 40+ years.  With treatments, I feel like a different person with increased vitality and a body that is functioning normally.  In fact, following treatment with you this week, I had three BMs in one day which feels like a miracle given my history and track record.  I was amazed.  Acupuncture has been a life changer; thank you for your passion and expertise.”  - K.C.

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